Thursday, June 4, 2009

Someone's Turning 21 =)

"Someone's Turning 21 =)"

The words were scribbled on the white board.
I couldn't help but smile when I realised...
it meant me.

Later, I looked at the same place again.
This time it said,
"Getting old huh?"
Haha definitely liked the first one better.
I love my sis lah =).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What’s Your Life's Soundtrack?

Sometimes I fantasize and think wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where we could have our very own soundtrack for our lives, and wherever we go our favourite songs will follow us. If only =)! One can always dream right?

If I had a soundtrack, the songs I’ll have will probably be a thousand ‘cos there are way too many songs that I like. But the recent ones are in my playlist (click the orange top bar) =D.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I feel like I wanna celebrate =D!

Even though today's been partly frustrating 'cos I didn't get the Anthropology textbook that I really really needed, I got a new blog skin up and running today =D! Yay! I'll be the first to say that I did not make it and give credit to the skinner 'cos it it's so creative and yet simple at the same time =)!

*skips and hops*

I promise I'll write somemore soon!

Seriously, I need to do this, I've been deprived of writing for too long! Hahaha =D

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello, my name is Limping Lesley =(

Yup, I'm limping now, because I twisted my ankle on Saturday!

I was rushing down the stairs at home when I reached the bottom and twisted it! It hurt really bad so I yelled and got I think the whole household running to my side to see what happened. It seriously hurt I tell you. My mind just couldn't think of anything else at that moment but to yell; guess I was in shock or trauma. So I couldn't explain to them what happened till minutes later.

I'm gonna be limping when I go to uni in the morning =( . Not fun, considering the stairs, plus gotta walk from Block E to Block A too. Grr... why aren't we on holiday like my two sisters' school and my other sister's college?! Haha... oh well, at least I don't have to hobble around in crutches!

Hope it heals real soon, I can't imagine going through a few more days of this limping around, it takes really long getting anywhere, even to the other side of the room!

Lesson learnt: Never rush, accidents happen =O!

*Oh announcement people: Guess you would have noticed the change in blog skin... like it =D? I haven't changed the links and stuff yet, so for now just ignore all the stuff on the right except the chatbox. Thanks =)!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Oh, Finally!"

You're probably thinking that right now... "She's finally updated her blog!". Yes after a seemingly endless amount of time, I'm finally updating it =). I was supposed to do two tags but I've had so many things going on that I just didn't find the time, or it's because I went and procrastinated... as usual... haha.

Even now I'm actually running out of that precious thing that I find myself needing more of—Time. I'm supposed to finish an assignment which is due tomorrow so I can't take too much time on this... but I wanted to do this because it's just been way too long since I wrote my last post, can't tahan la =)! And anyway I thought I'd better write this now since I'll be away for camp at Cameron Highlands this weekend so I won't be able to write my much-overdue-post. So here goes:

It's been pretty eventful this week, I had a design assignment due on Tuesday and I have another assignment due tomorrow plus I had to make a speech today for my Public Speaking class!

It went quite okay, I was the second to present =O! I kept referring to my notes though, so I definitely have to work on making my next speech (there'll be more speeches! This subject's called “Public Speaking” after all ;) ) better =). There were a few outstanding speeches by my classmates though, they set the standard ;D. But I'm so happy my turn's over, some people have to present only on Monday! Now that it's behind me I can at least enjoy myself fully at camp =D.

Yay! I have a feeling it's gonna be awesome =).

I have to go now... that nagging feeling of having to finish the assignment is getting persistent and harder to ignore. And the conversation in my head is going something like this:

Kay Brain, think “Brand Management”.
Think, think, think.
Hmm I wonder what to pack for camp?
No don't wander of, Brain! Think!

Gah I hope I can finish it on time!
*Fingers crossed* XD

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revived =)!

Finally! Finals are over and done with, and I'm on hols =)! Over 25 days of pure bliss and relaxation. ♥ it =).

Finals were over last Tuesday and I've already gone and come back from a trip. Where? Well here's all I'm gonna show:

A girl has to have her secrets =). But to those of you who know, I loved it guys! It was a 'delicious trip' ;)

Mmm and we had a surprise for Joanna on Thursday after her finals ended! Poor things... she, Aaliyah and a few of them had Advertising and Copywriting which only ended on Thursday. But that's all over now and we had a great time celebrating at Paddington's, the Curve.

Haha was she surprised to see Sara, Jaja, Elaine and me there. All part of Aliyyah's surprise plan =). Pity Shermaine and Isaac couldn't make it. We missed you guys!

Elaine and I went to the Ja's house before we left to the Curve and as soon as she saw us she was like, “Eh you guys semua pakai lawa lawa..I need to change!” Hahaha that's a girl for you =). So we helped her pick an outfit and William waited ages downstairs until he kinda started to complain. Oh well, as they say, you can't rush perfection =).

We were so so hungry by the time we reached Paddington's! But we had to wait 'cos there was a slight hitch in the plan so Joanna arrived late. What do you do when you're waiting to order and waiting for the birthday girl? Take pics of course. Lotsa 'em =).

This was on the way to The Curve in Elaine's car

Me and Elaine. Ja took this when we were taking pics =)

At Paddington's. Sara and Naim joined us there=)

After we finished eating we got the birthday cake out which was home-made by William! Haha didn't know you could bake something that wasn't poisonous Will ;)! Just kidding. Joanna was saying, “Better be careful! There might be cocaine in it!” Haha... with Will, you never know! Kidding! Again. Or maybe not ;). And as soon as the cake came out, Naim started humming the wedding song! I was like, “Naim! You're humming the wrong song!”
Naim *confused and blur look*: Huh?! Oh! *slaps forehead* Yeah I didn't realise!
Me: O.o? Hahaha...
Is there something you're not telling us, Naim ;)? The wedding song on your mind for a reason ;D?

William's home-made Chocolate cake. Hey Will it was quite good la ;). And we didn't get any food poisoning after that...haha.

Joanna loves chocolate cake! So she and Will ate like half the cake!

We had to improvise for the candles since we didn't have any. Will and Calvin used their lighters as candles =).

All the stuff we ate *points down*:

Jaja's delicious nachos! The dips were the real stars, if you ask me. They were so good that Ja had to order a second-helping of them which cost her. All of us were eating her nachos =). Thanks Ja!

Elaine's seafood crepe. Haha I took one of her prawns and when I tried to take out the shell, the whole thing went flying past Joanna's head! Naim: The prawn still alive ah, Lesley? Me: Haha yeah a live prawn!

Sara's potato pancakes (they literally were made with patatoes inside)

I had pancake dish with hash browns, bacon and I can't remember what else...haha. But it was good =)! No pic though 'cos my sis took the camera to school =( ! I wanna get a camera of my own! Soon soon =D.

*Pictures of Joanna's birthday are thanks to Jaja and Aliyyah. Hope you guys don't mind me posting your pics here. I got it from Facebook. Ahh Facebook... I find that after every outing we have, we'll be like, “Eh post the pics on Facebook yeah?” And I remember once Apan just said, “Facebook, Facebook!” and we all knew what he meant =).

More pics!

Me with Jaja =)

We finished everything! Thanks to some of us who helped the others finish their dishes ;).

And last but not least, a group shot!

Well planned Aliyyah and everyone else who planned the surprise. Haha I heard Joanna's bf was in on it too. But pity he couldn't come. Never mind, there's always a next time =). Happy 21st Joanna =)! Hope you enjoyed yourself in Thailand on your birthday!

*P/S: Yes and this blog has been officially revived =)! I've been tagged so you know there are gonna be posts in the near future. Till then!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Filler Post... and A Picture! =)

Okay okay I know it's been eons since I last blogged... exactly 88 days =O! Whoa it’s been that long...haha and I didn’t know that I’ll continue after such an auspicious number of days (“88”...hehe) but anyway, it’s not like I believe in all this auspicious stuff. Oh I’m digressing! Eh I notice I do that a lot ;). Okay coming back to my filler post topic: I’ll be back in the business after I’m done with my Intercultural Communication assignment which is due on Tuesday. It’s worth a whopping 20% of my final grade and I just started doing it =O! How’s that for procrastination? Well that’s me for you... haha. Although I am trying to change ;).

Anyways here’s a nice picture for all you sweet people out there who visited my blog constantly even though I haven’t updated it in so long =). I really appreciate it. Here’s how sweet you are:

As sweet as cupcakes =)! Aren’t these two adorable?

Toodles till next time =D!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

*Sniff Sniff* *Cough Cough*

Yay the cough and cold that have been bothering me this past week has finally decided to stop. One for my immune system =D! Aha!

Now that they're not bothering me anymore, I'll have more posts to put up.

Look out =).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

“Sickening, Disgusting and Repulsive”

That's the headline of The Star Metro’s article on sexual harassment on commuter trains.

“I felt something jabbing into my back and initially thought it was because of the train’s motion. But, each time I inched forward, the jab inched forward with me, and when I finally turned around, I saw this guy behind me with an erection,” Deepa said.

-quoted from The Star Online, Metro Central, Wednesday January 16, 2008
You can read more of that article

My aunt was just talking about it the night before this article came out. It’s actually the main article of today’s Star Metro so you can’t miss it. According to The Star Online, a lady posted the detailed descriptions of two perverts on her blog. I checked it out and here’s the link .

Beware everyone, and be alert!

You know how bad the trains are:

It’s this bad.

One suggestion came up when I was discussing it with people: If things got really bad and more cases happened, what if we had separate coaches for males and females? Just a thought. I’m thinking of suggesting it by writing to The Star.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robbery in Broad Daylight!

My family and I went to the Giant supermarket near USJ for this:

Ais kacang =)

Little did we know what had just happened.

A robbery had just taken place near the exit of Giant! It was all over the news at 8p.m.. According to the news, the robbers made away with RM1.5 million worth of jewellery!

And when I was there, there was a whole crowd of people gathering near the jewellery store. One of the security guards got shot! People were running around yelling, “is there a doctor a here? A doctor?!” The ambulance hadn’t arrived yet and I thought the guy was seriously hurt. I went to get a closer look and saw that he got shot on the shoulder =O. Then I took this pic when a few guys moved him into a van to take him to the ambulance:

The first time I saw a robbery crime scene =). And it was a major robbery too:

See the jewellery on the floor? They’re waiting for the forensics team to arrive first before they clear that up.

We talked to an eye witness and she was telling us what happened .Before the robbery was committed, one of the robbers walked right past her and asked her to let him pass. She did and he even said thank you! Yeah a polite robber! Then of course he and the others proceeded to rob the jewellery store and shoot a guy :S. I tell you this world is seriously messed up. There were four of them according to her, on two motorbikes.

The police came later:

Then the media came with the whole works: video cameras, cameras, notepads and all.

The last to come was the forensics team. By that time we were leaving already. I wanted to stay! To see how they actually do it in Malaysia...haha.

People were still shocked, especially the eye-witnesses watching from the stalls. One lady said her hand was still shaking when we were there. And the worst part though, it looks like they won’t be able to catch the robbers! According to the news, the CCTV didn’t catch much of the crime. What?! What’s the use of a CCTV if it doesn’t do its job?!

Horrible business this. Hope the security guard is alright.